Simpson Strong-Tie

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Crimp Multi-Purpose Anchors
Crimp anchor is an easy-to-install expansion anchor for use in concrete and grout-filled block; The ..
Drop-In Anchor Hand-Setting Tool For DIA
Use the drop-in anchor setting tool to facilitate placement of the Simpson Strong-Tie Drop-In an..
Drop-In Anchor Hand-Setting Tool For DIAB
Hand-setting tool designed for use with the new Simpson Strong-Tie Drop-In anchor (DIAB), ensuri..
Drop-In Internally Threaded Anchor Lipped 3/8"
Simpson Strong-Tie introduces a new, redesigned Drop-In anchor (DIAB) that provides easier insta..
Horizontal Steel Rod Hanger Threaded Rod Anchor System
Size: 12-20x1-1/2", 3/8" rod Price is for one box (25 pieces) The Simpson Strong-Tie® ..
Nailon™ Pin Drive Anchors - Zinc
Zinc Nailon™ anchors are low cost anchors for light-duty applications under static loads Zinc N..
PDPA Drive Pins 100-pk
For A36 and A572 Grade 50 structural steel (red strip load recommended) 157 diameter for g..
PSLV4 Threaded Studs 3/4x1-1/4
The fasteners shall not be driven until the concrete has reached the designated compressive stren..
SDS-PLUS® Drill Bits
For Concrete & Masonry SDS-Plus bits use an asymmetrical-parabolic flute for efficient energy..
SDS-PLUS® Fixed- Depth Drill Bit
This fixed-depth SDS-plus® shank drill bit properly prepares the anchor site for the Simpson St..
Strong‑Tie® Powder Loads - .27 Caliber Plastic - 10-Shot Strip Loads
Simpson Strong-Tie® P27SL .27-caliber single-shot loads are compatible with all Simpson Strong-Tie ...
Titen® Hex Head Concrete and Masonry Screws (100 Pack)
With patented undercutting threads that make installation easier and increase load capacity, the..
Vertical Steel Rod Hanger Threaded Rod Anchor System
Size: 1/4x2", 3/8" rod Price is for one box (25 pieces) The Simpson Strong-Tie® steel..
Wood Rod Hanger Nut Driver
Custom-matched nut driver sets the wood rod hanger to the optimal depth. Installation Sequence ..
Wood Rod Hanger Threaded Rod Anchor System
Simpson Strong-Tie’s wood rod hanger is a one-piece fastening system for suspending 1/4" or 3/8" t..